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Hakusan Porcelain, from Hasumi in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan was first established in 1779.

Famous for their superb whites and high quality finishes, it has been in their post-war period that Hakusan established it's reputation and signature.

When ceramic design legend Masahiro Mori designed his G-type soy sauce bottle in 1958, he set Hakusan on the path they follow to this day. He would win the first Good Design Award in 1960 for his G-type soy sauce bottle and would go on to win the award over 100 more times in his life. Sales for the G-type continue to this day.

Most of Mori's designs are still in production including his Animal Ornament collection (1964), Floral Tenmoku Plates (1965), Ume Blossom Series (1968) Fancy Cup (1969), P-Type Coffee Service (1974) and Double Stripe Square (1984)

"My pleasure as a designer is to conceive of forms for daily use, and to create pieces for production in the factory, so that many people can appreciate and enjoy using them."

Hakusan production is still by hand and we stock many designs and pieces by this famous Japanese manufacturer.

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