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Notebook - LIFE


Stationery for creators - CIBI's Japanese stationery selection -

Pure nostalgia or true CIBI delights that have stood the test of time?! You can decide, but the choice of stationery items at CIBI seem to stand up to close examination under both criteria. All of them have been around for at least 30 years when Zenta first picked up pencil and paper and began to create. The timeless simplicity of their designs are superb functionality continue to see them in popular use in Japan today.

A pleasure to use, an inspiration for fun creativity and the working of head, hands and heart, everyone from primary school kids up can enjoy using them whenever the urge to make something takes hold.


Life Co., maker of the Life notebook, was established in Tokyo in 1946. The classic design and the quality of paper, which has a unique super smooth feel to it, create a special pleasure every time you write. Once you've experienced just how smooth writing in this notebook can be, you'll be passionate about picking up your pen. 


Size: A6