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Copper Grater Small


We all need a great grater. This grater from Niigata pref. looks fancy and stylish.
Not only is it good looking, it also brings pleasure to the task of grating, feels great to use, and will give you a feeling of satisfaction.
Grate ginger and your fingers will smell gingery when you wash your hands stream hot water over this grater. Even cleaning up is a pleasure!

The Japanese grater, oroshigane, is an essential tool in the Japanese kitchen. Traditionally made from thin tin-coated copper plates, they have very fine sharp teeth which produce a very fine textured grate, and are perfect for grating garlic, ginger, daikon, and horseradish used in any number of Japanese dishes and barbecue marinades. At CIBI we lover the simplicity, easy use and clean up of this traditional grater.