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Kobo Aizawa Black salad server (2pcs)


In designing this tableware, Kobo Aizawa focused on making cutlery as art objects rather than functional pieces. They succeeded spectacularly, winning a place in the permanent design collection of museums worldwide, including MoMA in New York. The cutlery is made from stainless steel, coated and fired with an epoxy resin to provide a fine finish. The simplicity of the designs and quality of the finish appeals to us.


CIBI recommends washing this cutlery with a soapy soft sponge by hand. However, with extensive use this coating may come off. We believe this ageing is part of the character, the patina of life thaat makes each item your own. However you like to use them – daily, casually, formally, or for a special occasion – this cutlery is sure to make your dining experience special.