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Japanese knife - Deba boncho - Kobo Aizawa


Deba bocho (出刃包丁)  Appearing first during the Edo period in Sakai, the Deba boncho is used for filleting and cutting the heads off of fish. Is also handy for cutting chicken and meat. Its thickness and single bevel design enable it to fillet and slice smoothly and it's weight makes sure fish bones and heads cut cleanly and easily. The main work of the blade is used to ride against the fish bones, separating the fillet. The deba can be made in different sizes up to 30cm, but ours is a very comfortable 165mm. It is not intended for chopping large diameter bones.


About our knives. Knives made of steel. This beautiful knife adds style and sharpness to the kitchen. It cuts things beautifully, and provides the satisfaction and sensation of using a well-made tool appropriate to the task, heightening your enjoyment of each ingredient. Using it may sharpen your appetite as well!

Japanese knives are designed for specific tasks, so you may want to use them individually for the different ingredients you’re working with.
The Deba bocho is used to cut and fillet fish.
The Nakiri bocho is for cutting vegetables.
The Sashimi bocho is for thinly slicing fish for sashimi! Enjoy cooking!

We carry Japanese whetstone for sharpening too. Keep your blades sharp all the time!

Picture from Left: Sashimi bocho(right hander), Deba bocho(right hander), Nakiri bocho

Sizes: Sashimi 240mm, Deba 165mm, Vegetable 165mm