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SIWA - Laptop case 13 inch


Very stylish case that will house your computer and note book. Its well cushioned inside it will protect your precious things. 

Washi: traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist

The making of washi (traditional Japanese paper) is a time-honoured craft that weaves together a long history, culture and expertise that can be traced back over 1000 years. Long used for art, calligraphy, origami, and screens in sliding doors, the intrinsic character of washi, its natural softness, warmth and subtleness, make it an especially appealing addition to contemporary daily life. 

 The ONAO washi company made this possible with the creation of its SIWA product range. The SIWA name gives an insight into its innovative twist on an ancient craft: 紙和 reverses the characters in the kanji for washi, and also means “crinkle’ in Japanese. 

 Just like fine leather goods, each of these washi bags are lovingly crafted. They appeal to CIBI’s “head, hands, heart” philosophy of a smart stylish product, that’s beautiful to the eye and touch, and practical enough to be used everyday. What’s not to like about the ultimate unrippable paper bag!




Size: 280 x 360 x 15mm, PC Case for 13inch computer