Tenugui - Blue

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The rich world of tenugui

The Japanese textile form of the tenugui has a rich and textured history that weaves together art and commercial uses. Still handcrafted by artisans in Tokyo shitamachi (old downtown), its versatility and affordability ensure it continues to evolve in exciting new ways even today.

Everyday art — versatile & practical

Tenugui are used for a multitude of purposes, from hand towel to headwear, bandage to business card, place mat to wall hanging. As every tenugui is handmade, each is unique. Their individual appeal grows with repeated use and washing, as the cloth softens and the dyes take on a well-used patina—natural qualities which we love here at CIBI.


Each pattern tells a story:

Seasonal elements and patterns :As there are four distinct seasons in Japan, they play an important part in Japanese culture, and the enjoyment and appreciation of seasonal patterns expresses this.

Puffer fish (FUGU) : Since ancient times in Japan the puffer fish (fugu) has been called FUKU, which can also mean “good luck”. So the fugu has long enjoyed its reputation as a lucky fish.

Owl (Fukurou) : In Japanese, the owl is called "FUKUROU", which can also mean "Life whiteout troubles". So it is no surprise the owl has long been an auspicious symbol of good luck.


Size: 30x90cm



top left: Night cherry blossom, top middle: Chrysanthemum, top right: Keys

bottom left: Umbrella, bottom middle: Puff fish (fugu), bottom right: owls (fukurou)