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Wooden rice scoop (shamoji)


Wooden rice scoop (shamoji) Antibacterial charring wood

This shamoji is made from antibacterial charring wood which is used environmentally friendly wood. Excellent with water torrelant, and anti-bacteria, and it can happily go back to earth after its end of life. As the material is natural wood, it has warm feel to it and fit to your hand perfectly.

Rice scoop/paddle we call Shamoji is used to stir and to serve rice.

Shamoji are traditionally made from bamboo, wood, or lacquer, and nowadays often from plastic.

The shamoji is dipped in water frequently during use to prevent rice from sticking to it.

With your beautiful cooked rice, you need a wooden scoop to serve it. What better way to serve rice than with something natural this wood scoop is the perfect match.

Size: 21cm x 6cm