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WORKSHOP - CIBI Cooking Class 4th May'19 -Chirashi-sushi & Osuimono


Very exciting to carry out CIBI's cooking class this year after so many requests over years and years.
First one is we are demonstrating and celebrating the traditional "Chirashi-sushi" which is made for Japanese Kid’s day, 5th May. It is the most common Sushi made at Japanese home. 
Serving with osuimono, which is classic broth soup.
Time: 14:00 - 16:00, Saturday 4th May 2019
Duration: 2hrs
Fee: $125pp
Capacity: 10ppl 
Where: at CIBI (33-39 Keele Street Collingwood)
Special Offer for attendants : All the ingredients & crockery/utensils we use can be sold at CIBI design store - 10% off for those items only on the day.