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Master Class "Japanese fundamental Food" with Nancy Singleton Hachisu & CIBI


We are very excited to having Nancy Singleton Hachisu back to CIBI in December this year again.
This Master Class is a hands on making Nukadoko (rice bran pickling bed) & Nukazuke (rice bran pickles) and learn the philosophy and building blocks for making authentic Japanese-style miso soup follow by enjoying a light bite : nukazuke, miso soup and Nancy's onigiri.
Class inclues:
Noda Horo 2L enamel pot for Nukdoko - made in Japan exclusively avilable for this workshop
Dashi pack
Your own Nukadoko to take home - made by in the masterclass from Randall Rice organic rice bran
Nancy's recipe notes
Eat & talk with Nancy at the end of workshop
Nancy's book with signature is avaialble for purchase
About Nancy Singleton Hachisu : Living in Japan since 1988, Nancy has recently released her new book "Food Artisans of Japan" as well as authored Japan: The Cookbook, Preserving the Japanese Way and Japanese Farm Food, making significant contribution to the documentation and promotion of culinary traditions across Japan. Please join us as NAncy walks through the centries old process of the art of fermentation and dashi making.
It will be a hands-on experience and a unique learning opportunity within a small intimate setting of 10 people only for each sesson.